quest house healing booking process

Step 1

Fill out the Quest Guest Application on this page. 

Step 2

Book your inquiry meeting. This is required to make sure Quest House is a good fit for your recovery.

Step 3

During your inquiry meeting, you will have a chance to pay a deposit to finalize your dates! Once your reservation is paid for,  all that’s left is for you to stay with us. 

Quest Guest Application Ready to stay?

Review our reservation policies and cost information <<<

Don’t have a surgery date yet? Feel free to use our contact form to reach out with questions.

Current availability and FAQ <<<

Availability Calendar

Our availability calendar shows our current reservations.

You may see colored banner(s) with the name of fruit or you may see text that says “# records”. This shows our rooms that are currently booked.

There are 4 rooms available, so if the calendar shows 4 records, that means that all 4 rooms are currently reserved for the selected date.

If you have questions about availability, this will be discussed during your inquiry meeting.


No, this is a community home and there will likely be several folks recovering here at the same time.

 We welcome and highly encourage folks to bring caregivers, and all rooms have 2 beds for this purpose. All guests having either a stage one surgery or a penis creation stage required to have a caregiver. We reserve the right to extend this requirement to other high-need circumstances at our discretion.

While you can arrange additional support services, including some 1:1 help here and there, the house host is not available to be a primary personal caregiver.  If you need help finding a caretaker, let us know ASAP and we will try to help you arrange one. We have some local contacts as well as a partnership with T4T Caregiving.

Unfortunately, no. Quest House isn’t appropriate for kids or pets; all guests must be human adults. We do have an emotional support dog, Sandy Cheeks, on premises who would be thrilled to chill with anyone who needs some animal time.

We have a large collection of donated medical supplies to share to cut down on costs, but you may still need to bring some of your own.

Yes. Quest House is not a medical facility and cannot provide you with prescription medication. We can absolutely help you pick up (and safely dispose of) your medications at the nearby pharmacies.

Yes. We are equidistant from 4 grocery stores and have a fully equipped kitchen…in addition to an outdoor pizza oven. We will host some communal meals and hope to be able to offer some snacks and donated meals, but food is otherwise not included.

We provide compassionate companionate care, and can set up caregiving support, but we are not a medical facility.

Our program is unique in that it is an intentional affinity space founded and run by post-op transmasculine folks for post-op transmasculine folks.Transmasculine bottom surgery is a uniquely intense experience, and we believe strongly in the value and necessity of a space where we can heal with others who understand.

We aim for Quest House to be an inclusive community space where all transmasculine folks are welcomed, witnessed, and supported. We center healing justice and view our work through an intersectional lens, striving to create opportunities to uplift marginalized community members through scholarships and partnerships with BIPOC-focused organizations. We are actively working to build a leadership team that reflects the diversity of our experiences.

Yes. Many of our guests and some of our team members are stealth. We welcome and respect all identities and experiences. You are welcome to be as involved in our community as you’d like, nobody outside of the home will know anything about why you’re here, and everybody will be asked to sign a privacy agreement.